What is EasyConnection?
EasyConnection is a connectivity solution between the automative head unit and smartphone. It can project your phone screen via USB, WiFi and WLAN-direct to the automative head unit. It aims to let drivers access their APPs safely while driving.
Cars had activated EasyConnection around the world.
For Headunit Server (Android)
Coming Soon
For Smartphone Client
Cast whatever you want
EasyConnection allow users to mirror their smart-
phone's screen on head unit. You can use your apps
such as navigation, music and message applications,
and also your copilt can enjoy the movie or play
game on the head unit.
Control on the move
Control your phone screen on head unit is possible
on EasyConnection. Low latency and high stability
ensure the experience of control on the head unit is
almost the same as the control on the phone.
Cast wherever you want
EasyConnection provide mutiple connections such as
USB, WiFi and WLAN direct. And it also support to
cast on Android, Linux, QNX and WinCE headccunit by
the connection of head unit and smartphone.
Dear Developer, if you want your application work with head unit perfectly,
EasyConnection has launched EC-SDK to assist you to touch more and more people.